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Archive for February 24, 2014


Don’t be bitter about your past mistakes

The most important thing is not to be bitter about life's disappointments


Living a happy life

einstein quotes about life

Words of wisdom

Don’t let what people say about you take you away from the purpose of God for your life.

God has the final say over your life it doesn’t matter the circumstances you might be passing through, be firm with your walk with Him.

Trials might come your way, but always remember that God is still on the throne.

There is crown in which God has written your name so don’t let anyone take what belongs to you because you are not alone.

Remember that God has not given you the spirit of fear but of power, love and to take total dominio over every trials.

Follow what God has placed in your mind so that you can fulfill your purpose in life.

Don’t be only hearer of His word but doer of His word.

The Lord want to always have a good relationship and a good communication with you no matter what you feel about yourself.

Faith Love n Desire

Only Jesus is your best friend....